2012년 11월 30일 금요일

Sushi place Review in Seoul

Hi, My friends! 
Sushi is one of the most famous Asian food.
Me and my colleagues went for sushi yesterday near our work place. 

A good points of the restaurant we went are
a variety of selection and reasonable price.
Less than 2$ for one dish
such as flatfish, eel, salmon, barbecue sushi was applied! 
The taste was quite good.
I can't say the store is for high end customers,
however, average consume (like me)r for sure.

 Fried shrimps sushi 

▲ Sea urchi Sushi

 ▲ Tuna Sushi


6 of us ate total 85 dishes!


Once you visit Korea,
I would recommend to try Sushi with fresh ingredient.

Here is the map of restaurant!

Actually, this store has many branches-Kangnam in Seoul, Busan...
- in main cities of South Korea.

You should try! :D 

2012년 11월 29일 목요일

Wonder Girls's Sun-ye announced engagement!

Here is a Big news for today!!!!!

Wonder Girls's Sun-ye announced engagement!

▲SunyeⓒBNT News 

Sunye, leader of popular Korean girl group 'Wonder Girls', 
announced to marry her boy friend next year.

▲Park, Sunye's fiance ⓒBNT News 

Sunye made a frank confession of the fact that she has a boyfriend in a relationship with in the talk show. It is known that his fiance is a missionary in Canada.

▲Wondergirls ⓓNobody music video below in Youtube

Sunye will concentrated on her marriage and family life for a while, 
and other member will devote themselves 
to producing, preparing new album, acting.

Sunye, Congratulations! :D

2012년 11월 28일 수요일

Korean girl group-"Sistar"

 Hello! :D

 Who is your favorite K pop star? 

 I love girl group -  miss A, sistar, SNSD, Kara, Afterschool, A-pink.... 
OMG! So many stars! :ㅇ

 I think their appearance, fashion and dance are like magic to appeal people. 
 Today, I am gonna introduce SISTAR!

The most famous song of them is probably "Alone" and "Ma boy"


Maboy is unveiled for their first single album.
As you can see the music video, (Check the below!)
their dance is quite hot and unique.

I usually sing this song with that dance whenever in Karaoke. 


Alone has a sad lyrics and melody.
The detail is that I broke up with my boyfriend, so I eat, dance, sing a song, cry alone. 
However, dance is absolutely appealing!

<Members of Sistar>

▲ So-yu 소유

▲  Bo-ra 보라

▲  Da-som 다솜

▲  Hyo-rin 효린

And you can check the music video
to see their awesome dancing and singing :)

All pictures of this post are captured in music video above.

2012년 11월 27일 화요일

Party Makeup Tips- Get the perfect your party look!

Party Makeup Tips- Get the perfect your party look! 

 Hi, my friends!

 We expect ourselves to be more beautiful toward the end of the year. 
 The reason why is because of repeated year-end party. 

 If you consider yourself as a queen of party, 
it is important to put suitable makeup for the purpose.

 However, don't worry about what to do from now.  
Now, I am going to show you the choices! 

 #1. Lovely look

 ▲Sekyong Shin, Nature Republic ⓒBNTnews

This beautiful bright mood is based on the pearl makeup.

Harmony with Glitter pink and purple eye shadows, pearled mascaras,
 light beige color lip-gloss will make you stand out from the crowd at the meeting. 

Oh, don't forget the point of look with the glitter nail polish!

 #2. Sexy Look 

▲Siyeon Park and Heesun Kim ⓒ BNTNEWS

To be a sexy lady, smokey makeup is the most usual way. 

The feature of this makeup is 
strong eye line with dark shadows,
Long lashes.

The most suited dress color for smokey makeup is I think black.
With it, you can coordinate chic but elegant style.

#3. Special Look

If you like win recognition,
you deserve special emphasis on your makeup.

With strong lumped pearl, you cam make yourselves more splendidly.

▲ⓒ BNT News 

▲ⓒ BNT News 

With your special makeup and fashion,
Be a queen of year end party!★

2012년 11월 26일 월요일

Bukak skyway, Italian food in Seoul♥

Good Monday Morning! :D
How was your weekend, my friends? 

In my case, I spent such a amazing weekend.:D 
Now, I am going to tell you my story. 

[Bukak Skyway]

Flickrⓒ barampns

First place we went is Bukak Skyway.

That is Bukak Skyway which is at the highest point of the Bukak Mountain. 
Here is well known as a observatory area like Namsan. 
However, it is quieter than Namsan so I would recommend to go here 
if you like calm place. :D 

I think Bukak sky way is probably the most scenic drive in Seoul. 
So the drice is much favored by dating couples. 
And also, There are restaurants at the top, 
one of which offers live concert.

Me and my friends look around Palgakjung 
where are at the top of skyway and ate great dinner. 

Gorgonzola pizza, Carbonara spagetti, Seafood risotto and a cup of wine :D 

All of dishes were delicious

After than, we had a cup of green tea milk with a piece of cake.
(You will see a tiger is drinking. How delicious it was!)

And we took a drive for a while, 
gave a friend of mine a late birthday present,
and bought wristlets for myself. (lol)

My friends made my day and gave me unforgettable memories.

And this morning,
I saw Christmas tree in the lobby in my work place.

This is the warmest winter I've experienced :D 

2012년 11월 23일 금요일

Street foods in Korea

Street foods in Korea

Here, you can enjoy various savory foods in restaurant as well as on the street. 
Here are must-eat-lists when you visit Korea.

1. Toasted bread with vegetable, eggs with corn, cheese, ham :D

Don't you think it is too heavy for street food?
Once you try it, it doesn't matter how much big it is. Actually it is not that big but has all kinds of nutrient so well known as a meal substitute.

(Price : 1,500won~5,000won)


2. Skewered Chicken 
(Soy sauce or spicy sauce seasoned chicken with vegetable)

This looks like Kebab of Turkey, isn't it?
(Price 1,000won~3,000won)


3. Rice Cup 

This is becoming one of popular street foods recently, and most popular among test-takers, office workers living alone. Actually, I have never tried this before since I don't like rice that much, however, my friends strongly recommned to try it. Various choices- vegitables, meats, seafoods with white rice. The vendor easily can be founded Yeouido, Noryangjin area.
(Price 1,000won~5,000won)

4. Kkultalae

In Insa-dong, one of most popular tourist area in Seoul, you will see people who sells these by singing a song. This is a kind of Korean sweets and has more than 16,000 honey threads with peanuts, almond, walnuts and so on. This tastes very nice!
(Price 3,000won~10,000won)

5. Bbopgi (Dalgona)

Since mid of 1950's, it has been a popular sweets among Korean people because it has a very simple recipe. First, sugars need to be melt and add soda, when it swells, pour it on the steel plates and then make a shape! Quite easy, righhhhht? :D You can see how to make it and then eat as soon as it is done.
(Price 500won~2,000won)

2012년 11월 22일 목요일

Pink Lipsticks for winter

Hi, my friends :D

Which color of lips are you wearing now? 

As you know, personal images for woman 
depends on what kind of makeup they apply put on. 
With this reason, it is important to choose lip colors. 
Sometimes lip color is a good standard of judgement for personal image.

How about these pink colors for winter? 
Pink is popular among the woman as one of warm colors.

#1. Peach Color for girlish look 
※ Products info : Glam3 Extreme Soft Lipstick- no.11 peach beige

▲ Haneul Kim,ⓒBNT NEWS

#2. Strawberry milk lipstick for freshen skin

※ Products info :  Cosmedecorte AQ loose Supreme PK850

▲ Namju Kim,ⓒBNT NEWS

#3. Pink lavender lipstick

※ Products info :  NARS Roman holiday

▲Seon-a Kim,ⓒBNT NEWS

What do you think?
Which one would you choose?

2012년 11월 21일 수요일

Planing for a slumber party!

Another year is nearly over already, that means the party season is coming! 
I am very excited for that even if I grow a year older.

Actually, I already made a plan for a slumber party with my friends. 
This is becoming usual party in Korea these days. 

What about you? Do you have any plan for year-end party?
And what kind of party do you usually have in your country? 

2012년 11월 20일 화요일

Traveling Korea in winter ♥

Hi, my friends!
How is the weather outside in your country? 
It is quite chilly in Seoul now.
 I know the winter isn't the season suited for traveling, 
there are many thing that you can do even in winter!

#1. Skating in front of city hall, at the center of Seoul

Accoarding to local goverment, Skating field will be open to public from 14th Dec to 3rd Feb next year. The fee is just 1,000 won(less than US $1)per 1hr. 

#2. Mt. Taebaek Snow Festival 

If you come to Korea in Jan or Feb, 
I would like to recommend this festival without hesitating.

You can enjoy winter season surely with snow and ice scrupture, 
light and ice festival with luminaries. ice fishing and a variety of events.

for details,  click below.

#3. Jjimjilbang

Actually, this is not just for winter. I would recommend if you like sweating or pursuing well=being life. Jjimjilbang is a place where you can get a hot compress. You can have a rest, a sleep, eating in here, new type of spa. 

Oh, I almost forgot about that!  Don't forget trying the egg baked from barley stone with sikhye, sweet rice drink. :D

In conclusion, you can enjoy both cold and hot winter in Korea :)
I hope see you soon in here!

2012년 11월 19일 월요일

SExy Gold Chain White Halterneck bikini, Now on ebay!

Sexy White Halterneck bikini
Click to Buy! 
Item conditionBrand New
Material80% polyester, 20% spandex
Quantity1 Set ( 1 Bra Top + 1 Bottom)
ColorTop : White / Bottom : White
Size Information
Bra TopBust(inch)One Size, 30"-35"
(Asia size)
75A~75C / 80A ~80B

2012년 11월 16일 금요일

Congraturations! Psy will win in 2012 AMA

Congraturation! Psy will win in 2012 AMA

Hi, my friends! :)

Have you ever listened to "Gangnam Style"?

I am sure that most of you have did, since I've seen his success in overseas country on news, newspaper, online news a lot.

Today's post is also about his success.

 PSY ⓒBNT News

Psy who is leading Korean wave these days, 
is going to be honored by 2012 AMA in New media category. 
2012 AMA(American Music Award) will be held in LA coming 18th Nov.

Regarding this, International press reported that 
Psy from Korea is honored by it 
since he get very popular through Youtube and so on.

So, Psy is will be attended this award surely, 
show performance of Gangnam Style. 

You can see this award and his performance through Youtube in real time.

I am very glad to hear that. 

Would you like to see his performance? :)

And here is another his song which is one of my favorite.


2012년 11월 15일 목요일

Korean Color lenses and Circle lenses for beauty

Korean Color lenses and Circle lenses  for beauty 

Good morning! 
Good Evening. my friend all over world.:D 
 I saw several woman wearing color or circle lenses on the way to work this morning.

These are still popular among the young 
to change their image or get more pretty.

What do you think?
Do you think wearing color and circle lenses is good way for beauty?

Well, Let us think!

[Color contact lenses picture lenses ] 

▲ Hyeon-A, 4minutes, BNTnews 

As I see the pictures wearing circle, color lenses,
it is certain that they make face more beauty, give strong impression.

▲ BNTnews

On one hand, we should be aware of the risk of it.
Professionals say that this type of lenses have less oxygen penetration ratio than the general  so it can be possible making risk. 

When you need these type of lenses,
by it prescription slip.

Thank you :D

2012년 11월 14일 수요일

Korean's breakfast in real

Q. What do Korean usually eat for breakfast?

Last Sunday, I attended conversation club in Seoul
and met foreigner friends who are from Europe and North America.
And they were very curious what Korean really eat for breakfast.
Now, I am going to tell you real.

Actually, it is hard to have breakfast in the morning for workers.
With this reason,
most of my friends choose to sleep more instead of having meal.

#1. Korean Traditional Breakfast 
(Rice with soup, side dishes)

▲ flickr @piljun

This is the most difficult option.
Usually it happens to a person who live with their family.
As you can see in this picture, it needs always time to be prepared.
However, it is considered as one of the way to keep our health.
Korean foods are usually good for health. 

#2. Rice ball in convenience store 

▲ flickr @piljun

This is called "Samgak kimbap". Samgak means triangle, kimbap is one kind of sushi.
It has been popular to young people since it cost less than $1. 

#3. Bread and coffee, fruits 

This is my favorite breakfast style since It doesn't take too long to prepare.
Here is the picture I ate this morning.
I think most of people who live alone like me eat this kind of things.  

#4. Milk 

▲ flickr@lpiljun

I usually take this way. If time is not enough in the moring,
I buy milk and drink to just satisfy my hunger.
Sometimes it comes with grain powder. :D 

#5. Skip meal

Actually more than 30% of my friend skip breakfast
with the reason for a busy
no matter they live alone or with family.

Before finishing this post,
I would like to say that this is not the exact case
but a part of usual Korean life.

What do you think?

What do you eat for breakfast in your country?

So, see you tmr :)

2012년 11월 13일 화요일

The latest K pop idol Airport fashion!

[K pop idol Airport fashion]

Airport fashion of Kpop idol has hit Korean now!

▲ Kpop stars in Incheon airport,  BNT NEWS

Korean idol star recently showed up in Incheon airport with fashion reminding people fashion show. They attracted a large crowd. 

Top iDol Group such as SNSD(Girls generation), KARA, BEAST, SISTAR, CNBLUE, 4Minutes showed seductive fashion in Incheon Airport to flight for SBS K POP Super concert which will be held in LA.

#1. Like lovely Poodle

▲ Kpop stars in Incheon airport,  BNT NEWS

Warm and cozy look stand out conspicuously. 
Members of Kara, Yuri of SNSD placed emphasis on soft and light style.

This type of cardigan is called as Bbogle-i in Korea, and one of the growing item in Korea. 

#2. Safari look 

▲ Kpop stars in Incheon airport,  BNT NEWS

Kyuri of Kara, Sohyeon of 4Minutes, Taeyeon of SNSD were wearing loose type of  Safari outter. It gives simple,plain, comfortable feeling. 

This outter usually are suit for the look with leggings, jeans, boots. 

#3. Jacket, coat

▲ Kpop stars in Incheon airport,  BNT NEWS

Celebrity does not always need to wear unique items. 
Sometimes with simple and basic items, 
people can show classic and sophisticated image.

CL and Sandara Park of 2NE1, Jiyoon and Jihyun in 4minutes 
are wearing basic and simple coat in this picture.

What do you think of their look? 

And which one is your favorite?
Feel free to comment on this!:D 

This Super concert celebrating for 130th anniversary the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and US was held in Verizon Wireless Amphitheater California on 10th NOV.

This contents containing All rights reserved by BNT news

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