2012년 12월 31일 월요일

Today is last day of 2012!

Hi, my friends! 
Today is last day of 2012!

Another year has already drawn to an end. 
It seems that I have had really fulfilling days this year 
and this year again has passed by without any big trouble.

Meeting you was the most meaningful event for me this past year. 

Hope you say good bye to this year doing your work as usual.

I love you, my friends 

H A P P Y N E W Y E A R!

2012년 12월 28일 금요일

Hot Fashion Issue of 2012 in Korea

Hot Fashion Issue of 2012 in Korea

2012 in fashion industry was an eventful year more than usual.  extreme dresses, it items like Kim nam ju bag, aristocratic looks have become the talk of the town.

Here are the hottest fashion issues that have heat up the passion in Korea.

1. Go PSY! 

PSY is watched by all the world. It is no exaggeration to say that 2012 was the year of PSY. PSY's 'Gangnam Style' posts recorded 1 Billion Youtube views, he was introduced by international press such as CNN, Times. His fashion has quite impressive mismatch- formal suit with baggie pants.

2. Cheongdam Style

Aristocratic looks also made issues by several drama. Those who are authoritative charismatic personality were showing their particular fashion. 

3. Female celebrities's extreme fashion

When Kara came back with 5th Album, their fashion and dance were controversial among people. And NaKyoung Ha in Cheongryong cinema award showed the best revealing outfits. What do you think about it? Do you think their looks have too much reveals?

Above this, there were it Bags of Namju Kim, Luxury Pins of Donggun Jang.
When we look back, last  2012 were not just common or garden but special!

2012년 12월 27일 목요일

A Stream in the heart of the City "Cheonggyecheon"

A Stream in the heart of the City "Cheonggyecheon(Stream)"

▲Flickr lukema

Many tour guide book usually says that
Cheong-gye-cheon is a place tourist MUST visit.
Actually, there is a certain reason for that.

A stream flows in the heart of Seoul, the biggest city.
This was completely restored in 2005
to seek balanced development between regions. 

▲Flickr ⓒxanatos2

Second, you get wonderful views of city lights by night. 

Third, there usually are musical performance, big culture event 

▲Flickr lukema

Next, the accessibility to public transport vehicles is the one. The close subway station is 5 - Gwanghwamoon(Line no.5), Jonggak(no.1), Jongro3ga(no.1,3,5), Euljiroipgu(no.2), Cityhall(no.2).

Last, there are a lot of things to do after taking a look at Cheonggyecheon(Stream)

- eating Korean BBQ or Chicken with beer in Jongro area,
look around Insadong where you can see Korean traditional things,
having a cup of coffee in SamcheongDong Cafe Street,
seeing Topgol Park, Nagwon Arcade(Shopping Mall) and so on! 

▲Flickr zziuni

There are not so many people outside due to the freezing weather these days,
so I would recommend
to eat tasty food and walk along a stream and see night view!

2012년 12월 26일 수요일

My Christmas Story

Good morning, my friends! 
Did you enjoy Christmas holiday
I guess those who stay in America or Europe continent are 
spending Christmas time at this moment, right?

I also had such a nice time by having a party in a small hotel room. 
And now, I am going to tell you about my new wine experience.

Have you ever seen these wine? 
It was first time for me. 
The shape of bottle is wonderful, isn't it? 
It has a lovely flavor light but sweet. 
So, it is going to go with appetizer!(Just my opinion)

We enjoyed this wine with slices of raw fish, 
Chinese Cabbage Wraps with Pork, snacks.

The food was quite nice, what is more, 
it was snowing-white Christmas!

And to conclude, 
my Christmas was not tremendous but silent and strong. 

Could you tell me about what you did on Christmas?

2012년 12월 24일 월요일

Si-hoo Park in Drama

The Korean Soap opera "Cheongdamdong Alice" 

Cheongdam-dong is the most well-to-do section in Seoul.
(in Gangnam area)
This drama is a story about a normal girl who want to marry with the rich.
In here, Sihoo Park takes a role as competent CEO in a large corporation.

I think his role is quite suitable for him.
Especially his fashion in drama is very becoming his image and aura. 

OK! Then, Let's take a look! 

▲ Sihoo Park in Cheongdamdong Alice ⓒBNT News 

In one word,
Simple but dandy!

I wish my future boy friend has a sense of fashion like Park! LOL

Here is a video which contains highlight in the drama.

2012년 12월 21일 금요일

Nail Art for a Party

Hi~ my friends!
I am very excited now 
even if It is heaving snowing today.
The reason why is that 
I have a plan for party all night

Actually, I did self nail art last night for today
It is not perfect but I love it! 

▲This is what I did

Here are the examples of Nail arts suited to a party!

Yejin Son ⓒBNT News

Eunhye Yun ⓒBNT NEWS

Jiyoung Kang, Kara ⓒBNT News

Which one do you prefer?
I love last one, I wish I could do that by myself someday. LOL

2012년 12월 20일 목요일

Korean are excited at Audition program "K Pop Star"

(from left) YG, JYP, BOA ⓒBNT NEWS 

One of trends in TV shows now is
probably Audition Programs such as American Idol.
The experts said the surge in the number of audition programs reflects 
the Korean public's general desire for fair competition.

The most popular program now is K Pop Star 2.

Judges may be a key to it is popularity.
The panel of judges - Boa, YG, JYP are from
the Biggest and Top 3 Entertainments in Korea.
This program gives participants a good run and they always have a fierce battle to win.

Anyways, I am also bound up in this program.
Here are the videos of participants who gave me deep impression!

You should see!

1. Akdong Musician- Don't cross your legs.

Can you believe the girl is just 14 years old and they are brother and sister?
The harmony they make together is quite impressive.

2. Two Thousand Won - "I have a girlfriend, but.."

It is known that the boy right side have sang in chorus with JYP.
Don't they look professional?

3. Nicole Curry - Price Tag/ The Leaders

 There were many foreign participants, Nicole Curry was from USA.

I think she showed very impressive performance. :D

I can't wait to see next one xD

2012년 12월 18일 화요일

What kind of Christmas culture does your country have?

Happy Early Christmas!

Every country in this world has different Christmas cultures each.

In Korean's case, 
 especially for the young, Christmas is considered as the day for a couple.
I don't know from where this recognition is from and
I mind this point of view a bit.
The only reason for that is I am a single. LOL
Anyways, we, I mean a couple, usually go for a dinner in good mood,
have a drink, buy a cake for silent party with a partner.
And if we don't have a partner,
we consider that is so sad situation.  (Not always, though)
So, just drink. :-p

It was an astonishing fact 
when I realized that the other countries spend Christmas time with different way.
In Canada (where I have been to in 2009),
people took spending time their family for granted.
Like the new years day in Korea.
They exchanged a lot of gift with family and relative,
eat lots of foods, had a big party.
That was like festival.

I am very curious the Christmas culture all over the world. 
How is your country?
What kind of Christmas culture does your country have?

2012년 12월 17일 월요일

Which Clutch bags do you prefer?

To make perfect style, accessory is more important than clothes. 
Accessory like shoes, bag, jewelry do magic that changes whole mood.

Clutch bag is one of the best items that add the unique and the stylish image.

I am sure that you can express something different in this crazy party season!

1. Glitter Bag

2. Stud Clutch Bag

3. Unique Clutch Bag

Well, which is your favorite?
In my case, I prefer glitter one since my fashion is so simple! LOL

Leave your comments ~

2012년 12월 14일 금요일

Pure or Sexy, Yu-na Kim's Make-up

Yu-na Kim's Make-up
Pure or Sexy

Yuna Kim who won NRW Trophy 2012 with perfect performance
is VVIP among fashion and beauty industry.
Her fashion and make up by herself 
are enough to form attractive subject of conversation

[Two different type of Her makeup]


- Luminous goddes aura BB Cream
- Crystal Jelly Cheek pot
-Cat you wink gloss
- Party lover auto eyebrow
- Perfect eyes eye liner
(All products by Tonymoly) 

2. Sexy 

- Back stage jel eye liner
- Perfect eyes longkini mascara
- face mix makeup base
- face mix basic primer
- kiss lover swing tint gloss

(All products by Tonymoly) 

You also can see her performance last week.♥

2012년 12월 13일 목요일

Are you looking for Fur items in this winter?

Are you looking for 
Fur item in this winter?

Do you get bored flat and simple items?

If so, 
how about these items?

Well, in my case..
I love red one the most :D

Which is your favorite?
What would you choose for you?

Feel free to comment please ~

2012년 12월 12일 수요일

Heelless Shoes to be stand out

Hi, my dude!
Thanks for coming today. 

If you are a person who likes to express yourself,
please pay attention!

Heelless Shoes 

To show off your curves, it is the best item.
As you can see, this kind of shoes doesn't have the back part.
So, this unique design gives touch-and-go feeling but characterful.

Such a nice shape! Isn't it?
How about trying something different for refresh?

▲ Suzy of MissA with Heelless Shoes ⓒBNT News

Well, I think this item is quite good but looks uncomfortable a bit. 
 Anyone can provide the review of it?

2012년 12월 11일 화요일

Five flavor Pig Trotters with Dumpling Soup

Hi, my dude!

Do you remember the spicy pork hock I updated last time?
The food I am going to tell you from now is same kinds of last one.

This is called "Five flavor Pork Trotters"(ohyangjokbal)
This restaurant is the most popular in Korea and have several chain store around Seoul.

It is confidently believed that Pork Trotters has an effect on preventing aging and improving skin health due to collagen and elastin.

We usually eat Pork Trotters with vegetables!

In addition,
This restaurant served Dumpling soup together. 

I really enjoyed this food and time with my co-workers. 

Once you come to Korea,
you should try this!

It is so tender that it melted in my mouth :-p

2012년 12월 10일 월요일

Yu-na Kim - "Kiss of Vampire" , winner of NRW Trophy

Kim Yu-na, a queen of figure skating, 
grabbed the title with a 201.61 score at the NRW Trophy on 9th Dec, 2012.

▲Yu-na kim is performing "Kiss of Vampire" ⓒYoutube 

NRW Trophy is a minor competition for skaters needing 
to score points to qualify for the world champions.

She mentioned that she has gotten over the first hurdle 
and will come up with a solid display in the free skate 
if she performs as she usually does. 

I can say... She's just awesome!!

Check this video of her beautiful performance.

KIM YU-NA , KISS OF VAMPIRE, NRW TROPHY, Figure skating, figure skater asia, 

2012년 12월 7일 금요일

How to choose Women's Winter boots

How to choose Women's Winter boots 

Despite of that we are experiencing bitterly cold weather these days,
women with dressed up with short skirt growing more and more.
And they know that short skirt or pants make good match with boots.
Both for keeping warmth and fashion style,
boots is going to be a perfect choice.

First, If you want to highlight your shapely legs and supplement shortcoming,
it is important to choose the boots suited for your fashion.

1. High heel Boots : If you think your legs are shorter than others. 

If you want to make your legs longer to be seen, high heels is the best choice.
Steleto boots with high and sharp heels is ideal choice.
Moreover, the design with visible top of the foot or ankle is
quite effective for your worries.

2. Simple but dark color : If you think your legs are thicker than others. 

Boots with dark colors like black make you look kind of thin.
As for heels, 3~5cm, not too high but not too low are perfect.
And the more simple, the better.
The boots with many ornamentation easily make your legs look thicker.
And one more! 
If you have a plan to buy long boots,
you should check the material to stretch.

3. Fancy and colorful boots : If you worry about your too thin legs

Thin Legs can be a problem for someone who is so skinny.
In this case, the boots with fancy and colorful boots is good solution.
Bright color, glittering material, abundant ornamentation
give the skinny legs glamorous figure.

★ Korean starts with boots ★

What do you think of this? Which type of boots are suit for your body? :)

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